Sculptra has taken over the market for several years now. Originally, this cosmetic product was approved by FDA as a lipoatrophy treatment meant to restore facial volume among HIV positive patients. Over time it has grown to be a popular and highly demanded injection treatment designed not only for the face but also for other parts of the body. Sculptra is mainly used to increase the volume of buttocks and add some to hip dips. This is a  minimally invasive procedure that serves as a great alternative to the surgical Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Actually, Sculptra has blown up the market of cosmetic medicine as  apart from being minimally invasive it also requires minimal downtime. Sculptra has gained such popularity because it does not expose its patients to all the risks, side effects, and downtime associated with surgical fat transfers. The procedure is especially trendy for those patients who intend to correct their hip dips. Due to the technological advancements in the field of cosmetic and dermatological medicine, now we have a minimally invasive tool that achieves the same results as the older procedures. However, the older procedures imply surgical intervention and extensive surgical recovery time. An overview of Sculptra buttocks before and after pictures is an obvious proof of the huge difference that a few injections can make in hip dips vs no hip dips and without the involvement of any cosmetic hip implants.

Sculptra Hip Dips injections nyc

What Are Hip Dips and Why Do I Have Hip Dips?

Some people have concave dips that are visible from an anterior and posterior view of the body around the hip area. These hip dimples are mainly called hip dips, hip dents, or “booty dips”. There can be various causative factors for these hip dips; they can be caused by low amounts of body fat, the physical anatomy of the patient, genetics, and the amount of muscle that the patient carries. Regardless of the cause, it makes the lining of the pelvic bone more apparent. In fact, correcting hip dips is not an easy job. It is the desire of many women to have a smaller waist and fuller hips for that “hourglass” look. However, the question remains “how to get rid of hip dips”. Sculptra injections before and after results prove to fill the missing volume in the hips that cause the formation of hip dips and result in the optimal hourglass figure. Despite the fact that the procedure is particularly popular among girls with hip dips, hip dip men are also quite common, as a men’s anatomy is also prone to hip dip formation.

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Hip Dips?

It is possible to get rid of hip dips making use of such minimally invasive tools as Sculptra. Sculptra is great at filling in the concave areas causing visible dips in the hips. Actually, Sculptra is the first cosmetic, non-surgical tool available on the market that is so effective when it comes to butt enhancements. The procedure has the capacity to target specific areas for customized results; it serves as a hip dip filler. Our professionals at Skin Genity have the full awareness that people’s bodies are different and Sculptra before and after hip dips results may vary for each and every patient.

How Does Sculptra Work to Add Volume to the Hip Dips?

Sculptra is a therapy of injections that works through stimulating the body’s own natural collagen production. This is how the procedure can achieve notable results being minimally invasive. Collagen wraps around those particles that naturally tend to break down and does not allow them to do so, causing the treatment area to grow and increase in size. Poly-L-lactic acid (PPLA) is the active component of Sculptra that boosts collagen production and results in volume growth. In general, it is recommended to take more than one Sculptra session to achieve the best results. The sessions should be arranged 4 – 6 weeks apart from each other, depending on the original state of the treatment area, the patient’s response to the treatment, and the desired outcome of the patient. Please also be aware that the final results are usually witnessed within 1 – 2 months after the procedure as new collagen is produced to volumize the treatment area.

As mentioned above Sculptra was originally used to restore the lost facial fat and volume under the eyes and cheeks, filling in and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, such as the nasolabial folds (also called smile lines), marionette lines, temple, chin, and jawline. Only afterwards it officially became a non surgical butt lift procedure. This minimally invasive procedure works through the stimulation of collagen and elastin production in the skin. Nowadays, Sculptra is a widely known treatment that is used to address a number of facial and body areas, such as the arms, knees, decolletage and buttocks. Thanks to its collagen and elastin stimulating properties it can even be a great solution to treat cellulite and stretch marks.

Although the amazing Sculptra before and after results are not life long, they are anticipated to last up to 2 – 3 years. This being said, Sculptra is renowned as one of the longest lasting minimally invasive butt lift and hip augmentation procedures present on the market.

What Are the Differences Between Sculptra and Hyaluronic Acid Fillers or Botox?

Poly-L-lactic acid is the active component of Sculptra which is an injectable dermal filler that can increase volume in any given treatment area through enhancing the body’s own collagen production. It might be necessary to wait for about 1 – 2 months to see the final results of the Sculptra treatment as the effects develop gradually. Juvederm is a dermal hip filler based on hyaluronic acid which adds volume to the treatment area right away as hyaluronic acid absorbs water around the injection site and results in volume growth. Most commonly,  hyaluronic acid based fillers are used to restore the lost volume in different areas of the face and fill in lines, wrinkles, and folds. On the other hand, Botox and neurotoxins are used to eliminate and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, rather than adding volume to the areas of treatment. Once injected into the targeted muscle Botox paralyzes or weakens it, serving as a  hindrance for muscle contractions, thus potentially leading to fine line and wrinkle formation.

The above mentioned facts prove that Sculptra, hyaluronic acid based fillers, and Botox are notably different procedures. However, they can be combined to grant each and every patient their desired results.

How Does Sculptra Correct Hip Dips?

Many are interested to know if it is possible to get rid of hip dips and if yes, how do you get rid of hip dips. The answer is “yes”. Mainly those who have leaner and more athletic bodies, with a lower body fat percentage tend to struggle with the issue of hip dips that make the dimple between the hip bone and thigh stand out more. With less volume present in the body, hip dips can be more or less prominent, depending on the anatomy of the patient’s pelvis and hips. Many are those patients who wonder how to fix hip dips and what procedures can help with hip dip elimination. Unfortunately, working out is not very effective for hip dip correction, meaning we are in need of cosmetic interference to fix the issue. Some patients prefer to go for a Brazilian Butt Lift for hip dips, which assumes a hip dip fat transfer, as many who have hip dips do not carry enough fat on the rest of their bodies to fill them in. Sculptra is a great alternative solution, as it does not imply liposuction or fat transfers; it is a minimally invasive procedure that is just as effective.

In general, 2 – 3 Sculptra sessions are required for filling in the hip dips. However, the desired results mainly depend on such factors as the individual’s anatomy, the amount of fat present, and the number vials used in each session. You will have a chance to raise all of your questions and concerns on how to fill in hip dips during your personalized consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg.

Upon injection the Sculptra hip dips start the stimulation process of collagen production. This is more of a natural process than the injection of an instant effect filler, meaning the body will need more time to develop new cells. The procedure does not involve surgical components, consequently it does not pose the risks, side effects and recovery time that are associated with a surgical operation.

How Many Sculptra Vials Are Required to Fill in the Hip Dips?

The typical number of Sculptra vials required to fill in the hip dips varies from 20 to 30 in total. This number may be delivered over the course of 2 – 3 sessions giving the body enough time to gradually adapt to the change and the new shape. The more dramatic of a result is aimed to achieve by means of the procedure the more Sculptra vials will likely be needed. However, please be noted that the usual range to be considered is 20 – 30 vials; only some patients will need more than 30 vials for the result they strive to achieve. Following the same logic, some patients will need only 10 vials for wonderful results. The last option, however, does not happen very frequently. The number of Sculptra vials mainly depends on the initial condition of the patient, their aimed result, as well as the response of the organism to the treatment. Every organism and body is unique at its response to the treatment.

How Much Do Sculptra Butt Injections Cost for Hip Dips?

Тhe average cost of Sculptra collagen butt injections for hip dips varies from $800 to $1000 per vial. In fact, the price can fluctuate depending on the total number of purchased vials. Based on the size of hip dips from 6 to 12 vials may be required per session. In some cases the results may be achieved in a single session, while in other cases 2 – 3 sessions are likely to work for the most optimal results. The Sculptra injections buttocks price is also defined based on the expertise level of the administering injector. If the procedure is carried out by a board certified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist, you may be charged more than if the injections were delivered by a nurse. Make sure to look up “Sculptra BBL near me” and find out the costs defined in your region, compare them and maybe get your non surgical hip dip filler for a good price.

Being minimally invasive, the Sculptra Butt Lift is a worthy alternative to any other butt enhancement procedure available on the market. In the past, only surgical interventions were offered for the purpose of increasing the size of the backside via silicone butt implants and surgical fat transfers (Brazilian Butt Lifts). The surgical procedures have been effective; the disadvantage of them is the invasive nature which adds risks and possible side effects like with all the other surgical procedures. There may be the risk of infections that may lead to fatality if the operation is performed incorrectly. Apart from that just the idea of going under the knife or a hip dip surgery and fat transfer to hips or hip widening surgery is not the most preferred option for many patients (hip dips being a smaller area to address). With Sculptra it is already possible to bypass surgical intervention and go for a less invasive alternative. Hip Sculptra is an injection therapy that stimulates collagen production, which is naturally present in the body. Upon collagen growth, the size of the injection site also increases over time. Sculptra hip dips before and after the procedure does not assume any downtime. The procedure is very popular as it can mold your natural body form into all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Sculptra Hip Dips?

If you are in overall good health and simply want to increase the volume of your hips, fill in the fat hip dips, and give fullness to your buttocks without the need to have a surgery, then most likely you are a good candidate for Sculptra. Sculptra can serve as an effective solution for filling in the hip dips. However, most of the patients also prefer getting some booty injections, too, for a complete look. Sculptra is a speedy and easy way to get a butt enhancement. Being non-surgical, it is painless and does not require downtime. This is a great privilege for Sculptra patients allowing them not to plan weeks of post operational downtime in advance.

In general, Sculptra results take some time to show as new healthy tissue is built to fill the hip dip area. This is the way the volume of the targeted area increases within several months supported by consecutive sessions.

Another brilliant feature that Sculptra offers is that it is controllable, which means the patient decides the volume and size that should be achieved. Оne session will help you determine if you like it and decide if you want to undergo the second and third sessions. This is a good way to understand the amount of volume you want to gradually add, instead of taking the risk of getting it all at once and ending up with unnatural looks.

Is It Possible to Address Hip Dips by Means of Exercising?

Exercise does help to grow muscle around hips and increase the size of that part of the body and hence disguise hip dips. If you have tried to find an answer on how to hide hip dips working you may be  one of the ways to address the issue. Squats, lunges, and deadlifts target the buttock muscles and the muscles around the hips; these are some of the best exercises for hip dips. And yet, in some cases with hip dips being particularly prominent because of the structure of the surrounding muscles, building muscle isn’t always very helpful. If you want to maximize your hip dip workout before and after results, several Sculptra sessions may serve as the most optimal solution for you. At the end of the day, this method has proven to be the most effective one for filling in the hip dips. It can target specific areas, namely hip dips and add as much volume to it as the patient wants. Sculptra can be combined with exercising for an overall increase in size and definition of the area. It is a good idea to compare your hip dips before and after your Sculptra injections to see the notable difference. Some patients also prefer taking other cosmetic treatments like EmSculpt to strengthen the muscles surrounding the hips.

Which Other Body Contouring Procedures Can Be Combined with Sculptra?

There are a variety of different body contouring procedures that can be combined with Sculptra. Sculptra hips can even be paired with such procedures as liposuction. However, today the market is overwhelmed with non surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures we can choose from. CoolSculpting before and after hip dips augmentation is known to be one of the most required and widely praised minimally invasive body sculpting procedures and it is often combined with Sculptra. CoolSculpting is developed to permanently get rid of the unwanted fat without any invasive actions. It utilizes cryolipolysis which is delivered through a topical applicator and freezes underlying fat cells without causing damage to any of the surrounding tissues.

CoolSculpting can be applied to certain areas of treatment, e.g. the abdomen, back, thighs, arms, and under the chin. Another injectable treatment that is developed to reduce the small unwanted pouches of fat from mainly under the chin and from beneath the butt (banana rolls) is called Kybella. CoolTone is yet another procedure that is often used to complement Sculptra. Both CoolTone and EmSculpt make use of a topical applicator that delivers electromagnetic pulses to the chosen area of treatment where the applicator is placed. These are designed to bring forth controlled muscle contractions strengthening the muscles without having to go to the gym. The usual areas for CoolTone and EmSculpt application are the glutes, thighs, and abdominal muscles. These treatments improve the definition and even the size of the mentioned areas to bring the patient’s body sculpting desires into reality.  You may explore several hip dip filler surgery before and after results to see what other injectables may look like for butt dips.

An alternative buttocks injection is Radiesse – a procedure that is typically used to enhance buttocks and correct hip dips.

Sculptra is also applicable on the face. When applied to the face it can be complemented by other fillers and injectables such as hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane. Besides, it can also be administered in combination with neurotoxin injections such as Botox.

Cellulite Reduction with Butt Enhancements

QWO injectable treatment is a cellulite reduction therapy that is typically combined with Sculptra to treat the cellulite surrounding the targeted area and to achieve an overall more appealing backside. Cellulite can be observed among patients who opt for body sculpting treatments quite often. It is usually addressed with Sculptra butt enhancements or other body sculpting treatments. QWO is known to be one of the most effective treatments when it comes to cellulite elimination. It is gaining increasing popularity in the field of cosmetic medicine.

How to Get Started with Sculptra for My Hip Dips?

Most likely you have arrived on a platform that is just right for you, if you are searching for  Sculptra buttocks injections “near me”. Dr. Schwarzburg is a board certified cosmetic physician with years of experience in the field. Many of his patients come to him with the request to increase the size of their buttocks or to fill in their hip dips. Before undergoing the procedure you will have a one on one consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg. This is a great chance to raise all of your questions and concerns and discuss your desired outcome with the doctor.  Based on the information gained during the consultation the doctor will develop a customized treatment plan for you that will serve your best interest and will be the map to achieve your body improvement goals in an effective and safe way. If you happen to be living in New York and are looking up “Sculptra near me,” to fix hip dips of your own, Dr. Schwarzburg wll be one of the first to show up. And in case you want to get your Sculptra injections and fill in those stubborn hip dips, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule your one on one appointment with Dr. Schwarzburg. Please call us at boutique medical spa office, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan at 212-203-7415, or email us at