Sculptra Butt Lift for Butt Enhancement

Full and lifted buttocks are now fully achievable for anyone due to the latest medical advancements at Skin Genity. And you don’t even need to undergo an invasive treatment, like surgery, for this.

  • Scupltra Butt in NYC does not imply any surgical intervention and requires almost no downtime
  • With the help of this treatment you will be able to enjoy your upside-down heart butt for up to 3 years
  • Sculptra injections can increase the volume of your buttocks, contouring them and giving them a nice lift  through a technology that stimulates the natural collagen production in the body
  • Now you can get the Scupltra booty you have always wanted with the customized treatment plan offered at Skin Genity

Round and curvy butt has always been trendy. One of the methods to achieve such a result is exercising. However, it can be a really challenging task to get the results that you want by means of exercising alone. Working out usually causes weight loss, hence decreasing the volume of the backside and taking away from its round and feminine shape. A particular type of exercise that can be helpful to get nicely shaped buttocks is lunges. And even with lunges your anatomy, muscle attachment type and fat distribution can hinder the desirable results.

The other method of getting the very tempting Hollywood butt are surgeries. And yet, as tempting as it might be, not everyone is willing to go under the knife. Let us tell you that you don’t even need to anymore. With the modern minimally invasive technology of butt enhancements you can easily bypass  invasive surgeries. Skin Genity gladly offers the Sculptra butt lift (Sculptra BBL) injections, which are a non-surgical BBL posing little risk of side-effects (minimal ones) and not requiring downtime, both of which are associated with surgeries.

While the Sculptra technology is radically different from the technology of invasive methods, the results achieved by Sculptra injections do not drastically differ from those achieved through surgical butt enhancements. Liposuction or butt implant placement involves harvesting fat from one part of the body, purifying it, and then injecting it into the gluteal region, hence you would need to go under anesthesia for these procedures. Sculptra is a much more natural and less invasive treatment; it utilizes a dermal filler that boosts the body’s own collagen growth. The solution that is injected into the targeted area tightens and contours the area naturally, resulting in that upside-down heart BBL without the need to take invasive steps or go through lengthy recovery time.

When the body’s own collagen is used for buttocks, it becomes possible to skip all the downsides of getting a Brazilian butt lift. Scupltra utilizes collagen filler injections that gradually though effectively create an increase in the volume of the targeted area and result in an authentic, natural, yet curvaceous looking butt via Sculptra for buttocks.

Sculptra butt lift - BBL

The Sculptra Before and After Bum Photos: Effectiveness Proved

Once you see the Scupltra BBL before and after booty photos, you will not need anything else for full confidence in the procedure. The reality of such a simple procedure being able to create such eye-catching results and give people the curvaceous buttocks they’ve always wanted is just amazing.

Scupltra injections boost the collagen production in the body in a natural way, thus adding volume to the area of treatment and giving the butt a prominently curvaceous look. The method is minimally invasive and fills out all the right places of the booty.

We constantly emphasize the nature of the treatment being minimally invasive as it implies the advantage of not posing risks of any harsh side effects to the human body. Furthermore, the results that the treatment offers are long-lasting – remaining for up to 3 years. This is why the treatment is a winner in the field of butt augmentations. Your own Scupltra before and after photos will be proof of all that has been said so far,  impressing everyone around you.

At Skin Genity we use a dermal filler for Scupltra injections that is approved by FDA. This confirms the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. In case you are interested to know what is used in buttock injections, the Sculptra dermal fillers are based on poly-l-lactic acid which successfully induces the collagen growth around the tiny particles of polylactic acid. Also, answering the questions on how Scupltra is injected or how many Scupltra treatments are needed, we will nicely surprise you by how low maintenance and modest this procedure is.

The Scupltra dermal filler is injected into the specific spots that need to be shaped and volumized. On average around three sessions are normally required for optimal results, however, that number may differ from person to person. The interval between the treatment sessions is usually 4-6 weeks. This time is necessary for the body to be able to adequately respond to the treatment. You will start noticing the improvements in about 60-90 days following the treatment.

Sculptra offers the added benefit of not requiring any downtime due to the fact that the procedure is minimally invasive. This means that the patients can freely go back to their routine activities right after the procedure without needing to spend time in bed rest. Dr. Schwarzburg has adopted and uses the blunt tip cannula technique with a maximum of 2 entry points per butt cheek. As  for the discomfort and painful sensations during the procedure, they are minimized by the application of a local anesthetic. Sculptra is a game changer in the field of butt augmentations; the results will leave you with no regrets.

Sculptra injections for buttocks is an outstanding modern technology offered by aesthetic medicine for butt sculpting. The procedure results in an authentic booty enhancement because it works in collaboration with the natural functions of your body. And it is up to Skin Genity to make sure you get the exact shape and form of buttocks you intend to. Get your butt sculpted by Scupltra and make your own before and after selfies as proof of the amazing results.

Sculptra butt lift natural result

Frequently Asked Questions about Sculptra?

How Much Does a Scupltra Vial Cost? How Many Vials Are Required?

In case you are interested in the price of Scupltra for buttocks in New York City, the average cost of one Scupltra treatment session is within the range of $400 to $1000. There are certain factors that affect the price of the treatment, such as the location of the clinic, the anatomical complexity of the procedure, the expertise level of the administrating doctor, and the number of vials used during a session. The total estimated cost of Sculptra butt lift can vary from $4000 to $20000. Do not forget to check the qualifications of the treating doctor. Sculptra BBL injections utilize a rather advanced and complex technology; that is why the physician performing it needs to have board-certification. If not carried out properly, it might cause serious health issues.

Keep in mind that the number of required sessions and vials will differ from case to case and from person to person, as every organism is unique and reacts uniquely. The average number of sessions typically required for complete results is around two to three procedures. As for vials,  8 to 50 vials may be needed in a single session. The number of vials is so drastically different because organisms respond differently. The reason behind this drastic difference is conditioned by the way the body responds to the dermal filler. In some cases the response can be poor, in others – average while other people can respond in an excellent way. Unfortunately, one can’t predict the body type in advance in terms of its response to dermal filler.

When Will the Results Show after My First Sculptra Treatment?

Every organism produces collagen at its own speed and capacity. This is what mainly determines how quickly the butt shape and volume will improve. Give both your body and the procedure some time for the amazing results to show. More often than not the initial results are already observable in 6-8 weeks after the first treatment. Our patients share their before and after Scupltra butt results, so you can examine them to see what your buttocks can potentially look after the treatment is completed.

What Is the Aftercare of the Sculptra Butt Lift?

Being a minimally invasive procedure that does not involve any surgical interventions, Sculptra for buttocks does not bring about the issue of serious recovery, consequently no recovery actions will be needed. Just try to follow some simple guidelines, e.g. avoid intense workouts the week after the treatment to let the filler settle where it was initially injected and not to displace it. Also try to gently massage the treatment area during the first five days after the treatment, five times a dayfor five minutes each time. This way you will be able to prevent the formation of granulomas. Granulomas are small and solid nodules formed under the skin; this is a rare side effect, though. Even if nodules do form, there is no need to be seriously concerned about that as they are not a visible cosmetic deficit. Besides, massaging is useful for even distribution of polylactic acid across the targeted areas for optimal results.

Does Sculptra Bum Lift Have Any Side Effects?

This is a non-surgical treatment, therefore the side effects are minimal. Patients might experience a little discomfort and soreness around the sites of injections. Some slight swelling and/or bruising can also ocurr that will go away in a matter of a couple of days following the procedure.

Is Sculptra Filler for Buttocks Considered to be Safe?

You will not need to worry about the safety of Scupltra butt injections if the procedure is administered by a well-experienced and board-certified physician. In fact, there are several different ways of performing the treatment and it is of high importance to select the method that  involves the least risks and complications.  Dr. Schwarzburg has adopted the method of blunt tip cannula to inject Sculptra in subcutaneous tissues with minimal damage. The round tip of the cannula ensures that the instrument glides freely through the tissues and causes minimal damage to surrounding structures. This is an FDA approved procedure that has been practiced for decades now. This is to say that if administered by a licensed and board-certified specialist it does not pose any risks the patient will need to worry about.

How Long Will the Effect of Sculptra Butt Injections Last?

Sculptra BBL is known and favored by many for its long-lasting results. It takes some time for PLLA particles to break down and even more time for collagen to grow around them. The results can remain for as long as 3-4 years. This is a notable advantage over other dermal fillers, the results of which remain for a maximum of 18 months. The longevity of Sculptra BBL results is close to that of surgical fat grafting. However, when it comes to Sculptra injections you are not likely to face any serious side effects, extended recovery time, and the risks posed by surgical procedures. Plus, the procedure ensures natural looking results. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your Sculptra booty for quite a long time without the unpleasant feeling of having anything artificial in your body.

Will My Buttocks Look Natural with the Sculptra BBL Treatment? Butt Implants Are Said to Be Unauthentic.

Sculptra butt injections belong to the category of butt implants. However, please note that not all implants are designed the same way and create the same results. There are two types of implants:  permanent ones and temporary or dissolvable ones. Sculptra belongs to the second type; it is dissolvable and provides temporary results. The filler takes a few months to settle and to grow the volume of the buttocks, meaning it conforms to the body’s shape.  It uses your body’s own collagen, boosting its production which means that your booty will feel and look absolutely authentic. No one will be able to tell you have undergone a butt treatment.

With permanent butt augmentation, implants made of silicone are inserted in the gluteal region. Silicone is a foreign material to your body; it creates an inflammatory cascade that grows a fibrous capsule around the implant. The possibility that such an implant will look, let alone feel natural is very little. It won’t be very difficult to tell that you  have   an implant in your backside. Besides, choosing a permanent implant comes with a long list of restrictions in activities; meanwhile this is definitely not the case with Sculptra BBL.

To sum up, you can rest assured that Sculptra butt implants not only look but also feel authentic. This procedure will not give away your little intervention to have a sexy and attractive bum!

Sculptra butt lift expectations

The History of Scupltra BBL

Scupltra was first applied to treat HIV patients. Lipoatrophy, also known as “wasting syndrome” is common among those who suffer from HIV. They lose a lot of their body fat which results in atrophied and gaunt looks. Sculptra injections stimulate their bodies to produce collagen and replace the lost adipose tissue volume. In 2004, Sculptra was approved by FDA as a procedure that restores lost tissue volume among HIV positive patients. Not long after that the treatment spread among the general public. Now you know the story behind the success of Sculptra. Make sure not to miss the chance of getting your own customized BBL with Scupltra!

What Other Benefits Does Sculptra Offer?

Sculptra is not only known as a procedure of good butt injections but can also treat the face and otherbody parts for amazing rejuvenation results. It successfully tackles the following aesthetic challenges:

  • Upper knees
  • Inner arms
  • Hands
  • Buttocks
  • Hip Dips
  • Cellulite
  • Stretch marks
  • Décolletage
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Chin and jaw
  • Sunken cheeks and temples
  • Facial jowls and marionette lines
  • Nasolabial folds (smile lines)
Sculptra aftercare

Sculptra –Your Way to A Nicely Contoured Body

Sculptra has made a revolution among body enhancement and rejuvenation methods offering an exceptional option of body contouring. Not only is it good at perfecting the body shape, but can also rejuvenate the hips, hands and even face. Sculptra serves as a solution for a wide range of body improvement issues, without the need to involve heavily invasive technologies.
Furthermore, the procedure is quite controllable when it comes to shaping the body and giving it the exact forms that the patient has in mind. Some patients prefer round buttocks, while others are fond of the upside-down heart shaped butt; Sculptra is so good that it allows you to get the specific shape and form you opt for.

How Sculptra Addresses Different Skin Imperfections

New collagen production is essential. Regardless of what skin issue you are facing, be it wrinkles, stretch marks or acne, when the collagen production of your body is induced, it results in a firmer and smoother skin. Sculptra is able to increase the volume of various problem areas and fill them out. This means that it can effectively treat dimpling and even cellulite when complemented by QWO technology which aims at cellulite reduction. As for stretch marks, Scupltra combined with Secret RF radiofrequency treatment and microneedling can make wonders. Even acne can be tackled by Sculptra. Of course, the results will be better if it is paired with additional dermal fillers, e. g. Juvederm injections.

Sculptra vs Other Treatments

Sculptra is considered to be minimally invasive as it does not involve any surgical interventions. Minimally invasive procedures do not make the patients go through the same discomfort and lengthy recovery time as surgical ones. Besides that, the Sculptra results are different, as it utilizes poly-L-lactic acid instead of hyaluronic acid which is used in the majority of other dermal fillers. The results created by Poly-L-lactic acid last longer when compared to hyaluronic acid based facial fillers; the ones based on hyaluronic acid degrade a lot faster.

Also be aware that in comparison to other fillers Sculptra needs more time to show tangible results, as its effect is generated through the stimulation of the body’s collagen production. However, the wait will be worth it as the results stay longer – for about 3-4 years. No other filler can provide such long lasting results.

The Process of Consultation & the Actual Treatment

The first experiences with professional medical procedures can be a little stressful and scary. Below you can find the order of steps that we have developed to make that experience more comfortable and stress free for our patients at Skin Genity.

Step #1. Initial Consultation: Before the actual procedure you will have a private consultation appointment with Dr. Schwarzburg. During the consultation doctor will hold a comprehensive examination of your case with detailed questions about your concerns and desires. This is a step to gain full and complete information about your health and lifestyle. Based on this initial assessment Dr. Schwarzburg will offer you a number of treatment options that would meet your expectations.

Step #2. The Development of the Treatment Plan: Once you come to a final and agreed decision on which type of treatment will be the best for you, Dr. Schwarzburg will move on to developing your individualized treatment plan which typically includes the number of advisable sessions, as well as the number of Sculptra vials necessary for your optimal results.

Step #3. The Actual Sculptra Sessions: After coming to a joint decision with the doctor that Sculptra is the best treatment for your case at the given time, you can already move forward with the actual sessions. An hour prior to the procedure a topical numbing cream will be applied to the treatment area in order to ease any potential discomfort or pain. We advise our patients to avoid taking Aspirin, blood thinners, Vitamin E, multivitamins, fish oil, or herbal supplements for one to two weeks before the treatment as they have the tendency to thin the blood which increases the chances of  bruising.

Step #4. Aftercare: Your body will need some time in between sessions to generate collagen. On average two to three sessions are required for a complete treatment. The sessions should be held 4-6 weeks apart to achieve the best results.  Sculptra BBL does not require any downtime after the sessions, meaning you will be free to go back to your daily activities right away. There is one thing though that you would want to avoid immediately after the treatment depending on the area of injection and that is vigorous workouts. You will be able to observe the final results of the procedure in 4-6 months after the last session.

Sculptra BBL In New York City

If you have been looking for the best Sculptra BBL in NYC, then let us tell you that you have arrived at the destination point. Dr. Schwarzburg is a leading expert in the field of minimally invasive laser and cosmetic procedures and assures safe and competent buttock injections with Sculptra dermal fillers. The expertise level of the injector is critical as the Sculptra fillers do not get dissolved as hyaluronic acid dermal fillers do, hence their perfect and well-targeted placement is of primary importance. Face treatments with Sculptra typically take about 20 minutes. As for buttock filler injections, the duration of a single session can last up to an hour as a larger area of the body is covered.

Would You Want to Try a Sculptra Face Treatment?

If you are impressed by Sculptra BBL before and after results, also make sure to check the Sculptra before and after results in the facial area. In case you struggle with wrinkles, acne, or skin laxity, Sculptra can be amazingly helpful at improving the quality of your skin. Sculptra offers an effortless liquid facelift, the results of which promise to be above and beyond what you expected. It can cover most parts of the face, bringing about a complete transformation.

Sculptra BBL: What Should Be Expected?

If the injection of the dermal filler in the area of buttocks is strategically planned and carried out, you can get the upside-down heart booty you’ve always wanted. The results of Sculptra BBL  last for 3-4 years. The procedure is highly demanded in New York City as a huge number of clients here choose to address their body imperfections, such as hip dips, hip hollows and bum volume via Sculptra.

Patients describe the shape of the bum they want to have, and based on that a specific treatment plan is designed. The number of Sculptra vials needed for a buttock enhancement is very specific to each patient; it depends on the buttock volume the patient wants to achieve and the anatomical peculiarities of their body. Obviously, the more volume the patient has required, the more collagen the body will need to generate and the more vials of Sculptra filler will be necessary for the planned results.

Those patients who have slimmer bodies usually want to address the dip between their thigh bones and hips. This hollow part can be successfully filled out by means of Sculptra dermal fillers for buttocks. Filling out these hip dips will  be possible with around 3-4 treatment sessions and 8-10 Sculptra Vials per session.

Addressing Cellulite with Sculptra

For some patients the main issue they want to address is not the shape or the volume of the booty but rather the skin around their buttock area. Sculptra injections offer a solution for this concern, too. The procedure mainly works through boosting collagen production in the body. New collagen is responsible for making the skin tighter and smoother. And only a few Sculptra treatment sessions will be ideal for this purpose. To make the results even better and to further tighten the skin, we sometimes suggest complementing Sculptra with other procedures such as Secret RF.

What About Side Effects?

Sculptra has FDA approval. This means that you do not need to worry about the safety of the treatment. Furthermore, as the procedure does not involve any surgically invasive actions, it implies the possibility of minimal side effects only which will not disturb or hinder your regular daily activities. Take into consideration, though, that human bodies are different and their responses to the treatment are also different  and not fully predictable. The possibility of slight discomfort is there. Below you can read about the most common side effects that one can expect:

Swelling: There may be some swelling on the area of treatment after the procedure. However, the swelling can be taken under control with the application of ice packs immediately after the injections.

Redness: Injections usually bring about some sort of irritation. A cold compress complemented by non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, such as Ibuprofen, will be helpful for soothing the area of  treatment and reducing redness.

Bruising: Bruising is usually caused by the needles penetrating into deep subcutaneous regions. This side effect can be effectively addressed by means of a warm compress.

Don’t forget to check out the Scupltra injections before and after photos. The results are so amazing and the body transformation, particularly the buttock area, is so beautiful that you won’t mind these minor side effects.

Tips for Quick Recovery

With Sculptra you will not need to be concerned about all the risks that are posed by surgical procedures, which is the main advantage of minimally invasive treatments. Below you can see the recommendations and instructions we give our patients to ensure their fast recovery:

Ice Packs: You will be provided with ice packs to apply them to the area of treatment  right after the non-surgical BBL injections; this is a good measure of precaution to prevent or reduce any possible swelling. In the case of mild bruising caused by the injections a warm compress will be helpful.

Things to avoid: We advise our patients to avoid using fish oil, blood thinners, and multivitamins for several days before the treatment to reduce the possibility of bruising as much as possible. Another important recommendation is not having drinks that contain alcohol on the day before the treatment.

The Three “Fives”: There is a really effective aftercare rule that is so easy to remember and to apply. You will need to massage the areas of injection five times a day for five minutes each time during the first five days following the treatment. The “rule of the three fives” helps to effectively distribute the Sculptra particles and induce collagen production to the maximum of the body’s capacity. The massaging also helps to prevent nodule formations.

Give it some time: After undergoing 3-4 Sculptra BBL treatment sessions with an interval of four to six weeks in between the sessions you will need six months to be able to observe the final results. While you are waiting to enjoy your results, be encouraged with the thought that the end result will be worth the wait and will positively surprise you. Give your own body some time to properly respond to the treatment while PLLA molecules boost the natural collagen growth. The procedure is not meant to attack your body but rather work in collaboration with it. If there is a specific event you’re getting prepared for, make sure to plan treatment taking into consideration the discussed time frame.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Sculptra Contouring?

Before initiating the treatment Dr. Schwarzburg holds an individual consultation with every one of his patients,  thoroughly discussing the kinds of results they can expect from a Scupltra treatment. Only after determining that Sculptra is the most optimal option to meet the patient’s needs the treatment plan is developed. In general, if you are in good health and want to add some volume to the booty area, giving it a nicer shape, then you are a suitable candidate for Sculptra. The procedure is also effective for those who have skin turgor, as well as for older patients with skin laxity. The majority of our patients at Skin Genity are women, but we also treat men and LGBT community. The procedure can successfully address such issues as sagging skin around the knees and arms or loss of tissue volume near the neck area. The skin around the neck immediately gives away the age of a person because of how thin and delicate it is. Besides, if you deal with acne scars and want to heal them, alongside improving your skin tone and texture and giving it a more vibrant and glowing look, then welcome to our clinic to try out Sculptra.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate for Sculptra Contouring?

Despite the fact that Sculptra BBL is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure, there are certain scenarios in which we do not recommend going for the treatment. In case you deal with any of the following conditions, be aware that Sculptra BBL may not be the most optimal option for you:

  • Immunocompromised patients
  • Autoimmune problems, e. g. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Vasculitis, or MS
  • Keloid
  • Hypertrophic scarring

Please kindly note that at Skin Genity we don’t treat patients under the age of 18, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Is It Possible to Combine Sculptra with Other Procedures?

It is quite possible to complement Sculptra BBL by other procedures to achieve even more prominent results.  Please see below what it can be combined with.

  • Juvederm fillers – in order to efficiently fill out the small dents and dimples in the skin without any downtime
  • Coolsculpting – to freeze the extra fat accumulated in the lower part of the buttocks and thighs
  • Qwo injections and Secret RF microneedling – to address cellulite and result in a  smoother and tighter skin
  • Cooltone – to utilize electromagnetic stimulation and give the gluteal muscles lift and strength in a natural and non-invasive way and without the need to sweat because of heavy workouts.

The Medical Aesthetics Philosophy of Skin Genity

Dr. Schwarzburg is the founder and the Medical Director of Skin Genity. At Skin Genity you can get a number of non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments to improve your appearance in many different ways. Dr. Schwarzburg  is an outstanding specialist in the field of non-surgical butt augmentations with Sculptra fillers because of his individualized approach to his clients. He makes sure to take the unique needs of each client as a baseline for the development of his treatment plan and carry it out in a way that will be beneficial for the clients. Doctor Schwarzburg carefully gains detailed information on the health and lifestyle of every client of his to provide them a treatment that will meet their expectations giving them the exact transformation they want.

Doctor has adopted an approach of preserving the natural aesthetics of the gluteal region as much as possible, while perfecting and rejuvenating it so that the clients may feel and look their best. Dr. Schwarzburg is a lead expert in minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments and aims at delivering the precise results the clients have come after.


Dr. Schwarzburg has clients  from New York, its surrounding areas and  all over the world. Sculptra butt lift has been an extremely useful tool for him to bring the aesthetic dreams of his clients into reality. At his NYC clinic he gives his clients the opportunity to have a beautifully sculpted body and youthful appearance without being exposed to the risks and side effects that surgical interventions imply.

Sculptra is a completely safe, synthetic, biocompatible material that works with irregularities that appear on the skin surface, such as wrinkles and stretch marks. It is also used to add volume to all the right places for a better-looking face, body and butt. Sculptra is not just a butt lifting procedure; it can be successfully applied to the face and other body parts to improve the patient’s overall appearance in a gentle and mild way, restoring their confidence in their appearance without creating artificial looks.

Driven by the highly individualized approach of Dr. Schwarzburg, the specialists at Skin Genity do their best to gain comprehensive background knowledge on our clients’ needs and aesthetic objectives. Only after that treatment recommendations are issued. At Skin Genity minimally invasive cosmetic care is favored and delivered. It is so much more speedy, easy and harmless compared to other treatments. Moreover, it produces results that satisfy clients’ expectations.

Dr. Schwarzburg’s Credentials

Dr. Schwarzburg is one of the leading doctors in NYC for BBL and other types of butt augmentations. His name and practice will be among the first to appear in searches for Sculptra BBL in NYC. Dr. Schwarzburg has an extensive medical background and rich experience in the field. Thus, his patients trust him being sure that they are in safe hands at Skin Genity.

Dr. Schwarzburg started his training with a Bachelor’s degree in molecular biology with high honors (Magna Cum Laude) from the University of Texas at Dallas, then went into medicine when attending the McGovern Medical School in Houston. Due to his numerous qualifications and achievements throughout his career, Dr. Schwarzburg was invited to become part of the prestigious Ivy League residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital, joining the Columbia University College of Surgeons and Physicians.

He is currently a diplomate in the American Board of Medical Specialties, and is also a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. His long list of credentials ensure that you will be in the most competent hands for all of your Sculptra treatments in New York.

This list of achievements speaks for itself and gives his clients the peace of mind they need when going for cosmetic augmentations. Dr. Shwarzburg truly prioritizes meeting the expectations of his clients, making sure to deliver authentic and beautiful results. With all this said you are more than welcome  at Skin Genity to get your Sculptra buttocks today.

Ready for the Treatment?

Now that you have thorough information on Sculptra BBL in NYC you can make a well-informed decision. At Skin Genity we aim at providing all of our clients the best service in the field, with greatest transparency and intentional care. Our objective is giving our patients the results they have come after, e.g. improved buttocks, face and body. Should you have any questions, we are here to help you. Also, make sure to check out Scupltra buttocks injections reviews to see the feedback of those who have tried it.

Sculptra BBL in NYC

Dr. Schwarzburg’s office is based on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. This a great location for those who live in New York, and surrounding areas. If you prefer non-surgical butt lifts and value safety and lack of downtime, feel free to contact us at Skin Genity and schedule your appointment.  Please call us at 212-203-7415 or email us at