Sagging skin, wrinkles, and loss of volume all are familiar attributes that come with age. The changes that take place in our bodies as a result of these processes can leave us feeling insecure and no longer the youthful and confident person we once were. Going under the knife and having to take time off of work to change our appearance dramatically isn’t exactly the best idea, either.

If you have been dreaming of naturally restoring the contoured, voluminous, and lifted skin of your youth, look no further. Thread lift NYC is the best option for you. Invented in Russia and further developed and made popular in South Korea, this advanced procedure was designed to achieve a facelift effect without having to undergo surgery. Thread lifts give you a tighter and more contoured face instantaneously as the soft tissues are repositioned and collagen production increases to rejuvenate your skin from inside out. Dr. Schwarzburg will insert small barbed threads to lift and smooth the skin on your body or face. You will walk out of the clinic immediately noticing a difference. Best of all, the changes caused by PDO threads will continue to improve over the next few months. You will be amazed by the stunning results provided by facial threading.

It is important to trust only the very best with any cosmetic medical procedure. That is why you should contact our professionals at SkinGenity in New York. You will leave our clinic with an extra bounce in your step!

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PDO Thread Lift Areas

  • Jowl thread lift: Increased skin laxity related to the aging process results in jowls, or the sagging skin under your jawline. Luckily, this can be seamlessly treated with thread lifts.
  • Jaw and thread lift: It is also possible to lift and tighten the skin around your jaw for a sharper and more contoured look.
  • Chin thread lift: Also known as the double chin thread lift, this procedure helps to reduce the amount of loose skin present under your chin for a chiseled and youthful look.
  • Nose thread lift: If you  want to change the way your nose looks, think of this as a non-invasive nose job. Nose thread lifts change the appearance of your nose by lifting the bridge and the tip.
  • Forehead thread lift: Also known as the thread brow lift, this allows you to reposition sagging skin over the eyebrows  for a youthful look.
  • Facial threading for wrinkles and deep folds: Through increased production of collagen, facial threading helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles, dull and crepey skin. Thread treatment for face is one of the most popular uses of this procedure.
  • Cheek thread lift: As we age, we experience sagging in the cheek area. Thread lift for cheeks helps to add volume and lift the loose facial skin to balance the face for a more youthful appearance.
  • Nasolabial fold thread lift: This procedure also helps to lift the skin near your nasolabial folds, often referred to as the smile lines.
  • Thread lift for acne scars: You can also minimize acne scars with facial threading, which works to stretch and lift your skin while inducing the production of collagen.
  • Threads for lips: You can now create subtle definition and volume in the vermilion border that is natural and not overdone.

Thread Lift Before and After

PDO thread lifting is a safe and effective way to tighten and lift sagging and loose skin without need for invasive surgery and extended recovery time. This procedure was made popular in South Korea as one of the most innovative ways for you to look young and refreshed.

Prior to starting the thread facelift, our doctors at SkinGenity will inject a local anesthetic to the area being treated. This will minimize any discomfort that you may feel during the procedure. A special cannula device with smooth or barbed threads will then be inserted a few millimeters below the skin to target the area of skin loosening. The cannula is subsequently removed and the thread is left behind in the skin. Using mild pulling and tugging the skin is tightened against the threads and positioned in place. Sharp hooks on the threads will be holding the skin in place creating a more youthful and replenished look. As the threads dissolve over the next year they will be replaced by collagen struts, which provide additional lifting effect to the skin.  There are minimal procedural side effects with most common being swelling and minor bruising. The material will be integrated into your own tissues and doesn’t create any unpleasant sensations associated with foreign bodies.

Thread Lift NYC Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the procedure take?

You should expect the entire procedure to last anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes, which is based on the number of threads used and the desired results.

Thread Face Lift: How long does it last?

The longevity depends on a number and type of threads used and how metabolically active the targeted area is. Depending on how fast your body absorbs the threads and replaces them with collagen, the results of PDO threading usually last anywhere from 12 months to 2 years. Touch ups performed every 1-2 years are recommended to maintain best possible outcomes.

What is the thread facelift recovery time?

Because of its minimally invasive nature the recovery time is not significant and generally you can return to normal activities as soon as the next day with some exceptions. The restrictions include avoiding extreme facial animation for at least 2 weeks and avoiding facials, peels, extractions, intense workouts and massages for a few weeks. Minimal swelling and bruising is not uncommon.

When will I see the results of thread lifting?

The results are immediate as your skin is lifted and tightened. As time goes on, the lifting effect fades slightly, but as new collagen is produced, the results continue to improve. You will experience long lasting effects with a recommended touch up once every 2 years.

Are thread lifts permanent?

While thread lifts are not permanent, they do last longer than many other cosmetic medical procedures. The biocompatible PDO and other polymers are absorbed by subcutaneous tissues over a period of 12 months. We recommend that you get your PDO thread lift touch up in 1-2 years.

What is the thread lift cost?

Thread facelift is an advanced non-surgical procedure and can cost anywhere between $1500 and $5000 per single treatment. In most cases this treatment is not covered by medical insurance. The final cost is determined by the complexity of the areas being treated, type and number of threads used, the degree of skin droopiness and the expertise of the doctor. You will discuss your goals and all pricing options during your one-on-one consultation with our beauty concierge.

What are the side effects of the thread face lift procedure?

Because of its minimally invasive nature the side effects are minimal and infrequently include minimal bruising and swelling. The bruising can be easily concealed with makeup and resolves in a few days. Sometimes there is minimal puckering secondary to the threads pulling on the tissues.

Is thread lifting painful?

You will feel minimal to mild discomfort during the procedure, but application of a local anesthetic to the area being treated minimizes the pain.

Are PDO threads safe?

Yes! PDO threads are safe and FDA cleared. They are a minimally-invasive alternative to getting a facelift while avoiding downtime and possible complications associated with a surgical procedure.