Building Muscle and Burning Fat

We are happy to inform our clients that Skin Genity offers a new and transformative technology for body sculpting and contouring. This is a popular procedure  among models, athletes, fitness trainers and celebrities. And now the procedure has also gained popularity among the general public, making it possible to have a well toned and beautifully shaped body. Emsculpt Neo is a unique treatment as it  burns fat and builds muscle simultaneously. As a result, the patients are left with a more defined abdomen and a stronger core, reduction in lower belly fat and a rounder and fuller butt.

Emsculpt Neo session

What Is EmSculpt Neo?

EmSculpt NEO – the Advanced Version of Emsculpt. EmSculpt NEO is a technology that effectively combines muscle growth and fat burning in a single procedure, as it utilizes Radiofrequency and Electromagnetic Field (HIFEM). Combining fat elimination and muscle growth procedures in the same treatment has created a paradigm shift in the field of aesthetic medicine. However, that is not all that the procedure offers – Radiofrequency also results in skin tightening, making the procedure even more valuable.

EmSculpt uses a patented synchronized electrode design that allows it to release both radiofrequency and electromagnetic field energies through the same applicator. Due to this applicator, EmSculpt NEO treatment delivers muscle contractions that strengthen the muscles and burns fat in a single 30-minute session. So, in this minimally invasive procedure  EmSculpt Neo works out heated muscles.

The system works in a way that is very similar to regular workouts: radiofrequency is used for a muscle warm up, which prepares the muscles for contractions. EmSculpt NEO has undergone a number of clinical studies which have shown that the treatment results in 25% muscle growth; this is the highest indicator among all the treatments available on the market that use the same technology.

EmSculpt NEO is unique in its ability to eliminate fat and grow muscle at the same time in a non-invasive manner. It is also approved by FDA and has gained huge popularity as an alternative to more invasive surgical procedures.

The EmSculpt NEO Procedure

The EmSculpt NEO device uses high intensity, focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to stimulate muscle contractions. It can deliver as many as 20,000 rapid muscle contractions within a 30-minute session. This is the same as 20,000 crunches to exercise abs and 20,000 squats with an EmSculpt butt to exercise buttocks. The mentioned contractions of high intensity result in a metabolic reaction in the area of treatment. The metabolic reaction helps build and strengthen muscles and burn fat cells at the same time. The EmSculpt butt lift procedure is very popular and in high demand, especially among those who are lean and stove to give additional lift to their buttocks and improve their body shape.

Emsculpt teatment

Who Can Undergo an EmSculpt NEO Treatment?

EmSculpt NEO is equally suitable for both men and women who have adopted a healthy lifestyle, are in good shape and have a healthy BMI. The procedure can serve as an effective tool to make the core stronger and reduce the small pouches of stubborn fat that refuses to go away with exercise alone. Those who do not have sufficient body fat to take other body sculpting procedures can also benefit from EmSculpt NEO.

The procedure can be very helpful for  postpartum diastasis recti. And yet EmSculpt NEO should not be delivered to pregnant women, patients with hernia mesh repair, metal hardware in the treatment area, or metal IUDs.

Also, please kindly be aware that EmSculpt NEO is not a means to replace healthy lifestyle and exercise, instead it complements healthy lifestyle and is a great addition to it.

If you’re approved to be a candidate for EmSculpt NEO, be assured that you will be nicely surprised by your before and after results. For more detailed information on Emsculpt NYCand the possibility of your candidature, do not hesitate to contact us and book your appointment for a personalized  consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg.

What Will I Experience During My EmSculpt Neo Treatment?

Typically, the sensations during and after the procedure remind of an intense workout. However, when the procedure is delivered to you, you are more relaxed than you would be during a workout. It is painless. electromagnetic energy stimulates muscle contractions, strengthening the muscles and destroying fat cells. EmSculpt NYC allows precise targeting of specific areas of treatment, hence it works perfectly well for those who want to treat a particular muscle group or treatment area and eliminate small pouches of fat.

How Hot Can EmSculpt NEO Get?

The settings of the EmSculpt NEO device allow it to  automatically shut off when  the temperature reaches over 44 degrees Celsius. The average temperature necessary for fat cell destruction is  42 to 44 degrees Celsius.

When Will I Be Able to See the EmSculp Results?

In most cases some results can already be observed right after the procedure. As for the final results, they are typically reported within two to four weeks after the last session. However, even after that they continue to improve during several months following treatment. Clinical studies of EmSculpt NEO  have recorded 19% – 29% fat elimination and 16% – 19% muscle growth among those patients that have taken biannual follow-up sessions.

Another advantage of EmSculpt NEO is the absence of downtime. This means that you can readily go back to your daily routine and regular lifestyle, even to your workouts right after the procedure. The following day of the procedure you may sense muscle soreness, which is very similar to how your muscles feel after a workout. There may be some redness on the area of  treatment which will go away in about an hour.

It is recommended to undergo four treatments within two weeks. Each session, be it abdominal or buttock treatment, takes 30 minutes. Even though the general recommendation is taking four sessions, you can choose to continue with follow up treatments after the first four sessions are completed.

Does EmSculpt NEO Require Downtime?

EmSculpt NEO is a non-invasive procedure. That is to say you could even exercise right after the procedure if you wanted to. However, take into account that there may be some soreness for 2-3 days after the treatment, very similar to  what you would experience after an intensive workout.

When Can I Go Back to Workouts After My EmSculpt NEO Session?

As EmSculpt NEO does not require any downtime, the patients can work out as soon as they are done with the treatment. There are no restrictions related to exercising any harm  before and after the procedure.

Can I Get an EmSculpt NEO Treatment If I Have an Insulin Pump?

Most likely you should be able to get the treatment even if you have an insulin pump, in case you are allowed and able to remove the pump for 30 minutes. For a more definite answer book your personalized consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg to discuss your medical history and concerns and to confirm you are a good candidate for EmSculpt NEO before undergoing the treatment.

Can I Get EmSculpt NEO If I Have an IUD? How About Copper IUD?

The best way to get a definite answer and confirm that the procedure will serve you at its best is consulting with Dr. Schwarzburg before undergoing the treatment. However, please be aware that HIFEM technology does not penetrate deep enough to affect your uterus.

Can I Get EmSculpt NEO When Pregnant?

No studies have been conducted to find out the effects that EmSculpt NEO can have on pregnant women. Even so, to be on the safe side it is more advisable for mamas-to-be to avoid the procedure during the months of pregnancy, regardless of the treatment area – be it the abdomen or another part of the body.

Can I Get EmSculpt NEO When Breastfeeding?

So far, no correlation has been established between breastfeeding and EmSculpt NEO, that would show any mutually adverse effects. Therefore, EmSculpt is not considered to be harmful while breastfeeding.

Can I Get EmSculpt NEO If I Have Dental Implants?

So far, no correlation has been established between dental implants and EmSculpt NEO, that would show any mutually adverse effects. Therefore, EmSculpt is considered to be safe even when the patient has dental implants.

Can I Undergo EmSculpt NEO after Surgery?

The answer to this question depends on the type of the surgery and whether the surgeon approves of the treatment after the operation. In the event of hernia repair or tummy tuck, one should go through a 3 to 6 months recovery time and only after that try to get an EmSculpt NEO treatment.

Does EmSculpt NEO Reduce Muscle Separation of Pregnancy (Diastasis Recti)?

It is clinically proven that EmSculpt NEO is effective at reducing muscle separation after pregnancy. Actually, it reduces diastasis recti by 19%.

Can I Get EmSculpt NEO After Undergoing Hip Replacement Surgery or Knee Replacement Surgery?

The answer to this question largely depends on the type of prosthetic you have. Besides, you will need your orthopedic surgeon to approve that EmSculpt NEO will be safe for you after the surgery. Make sure you have discussed the matter with your surgeon as well as with Dr. Schwarzburg before moving forward with the treatment.

Can I Get EmSculpt NEO After Undergoing Back Surgery and Having Some Metal Hardware in My Spine?

Just like with a hip replacement, in this case, too, you will need the confirmation of your spinal surgeon. However, if you were allowed to get an MRI on your back, the likelihood that EmSculpt NEO should be totally acceptable is high, as the magnetic energy of an MRI is stronger than that of HIFEM.

Can I Take an EmSculpt NEO Treatment After Doing Liposuction? How Long Should I Wait after Liposuction to Get an EmSculpt NEO Treatment?

A 2 – 4 week interval is necessary between a liposuction treatment and EmSculpt Neo treatment.

What Is the Cost of EMSculpt NEO? How Different Is the Price of EmSculpt NEO from EmSculpt?

EmSculpt NEO is more expensive of a service than EmSculpt, as the results offered by it are superior. The average price for an EmSculpt NEO treatment in NYC is typically within the range of $500 to $1500. The cost mainly depends on the area of treatment.

Note that the versatility and effectiveness of EmSculpt NEO make it worth more than any other similar technology. Also there are clinics who offer custom bundle prices based on the number of sessions you will end up getting.

What Is the Actual Difference Between EmSculpt and EmSculpt NEO?

The essential and notable difference between EmSculpt NEO and other treatments is that EmScuplt NEO effectively incorporates quick fat heating and intense muscle contractions. The results are 30% fat elimination and 25% muscle growth. The rest of similar devices are mainly effective for those people who are close to the ideal weight they want to achieve. As for EmSculpt NEO, all the patients can benefit from it, whether they are slim and athletic or have a high BMI. EmSculpt NEO is actually developed to treat patients within the widest BMI range, that is up to 35. This is the first device on the market with such a capacity. When it comes to the difference between EmSculpt and EmSculpt NEO, the first one only builds and tones muscle, while EmSculpt NEO combines that with a fat burning and skin tightening process.

The Advantages of Emsculpt NEO

  • Painless and tolerable procedure
  • Short and convenient Sessions
  • Precise control over fat burn and muscle growth
  • No downtime time required
  •  Easily observable results

What Body Parts Can Be Treated by EmSculpt NEO?

Emsculpt Neo is effective at treating the following areas:


Butt lifts Emsculpt NEO is a very popular and trendy non-invasive butt enhancement procedure. It is effective at butt lifting, toning and shaping. In fact Emscuplt NEO is an amazing alternative to the Brazilian butt lift. Instead of adding extra fat to the area it  gives the butt a clear and well-defined shape. To see and evaluate the kind of results that are achieved through EmSculpt you may look for before and after glutes photos.


Through well controlled muscle contractions EmSculpt NEO can also nicely and effectively treat the abdominal area. It works really well on reducing the stubborn fat on the stomach that won’t go away naturally.

Biceps and Triceps

Excess fat in the upper arms is a common issue that many people struggle with. EmSculpt NEO is also used to help define the muscles in the arms, without any surgical intervention or intense workouts. This could be your long-awaited solution to regain your confidence when wearing sleeveless tops.

Calf Muscles

When speaking about nicely shaped legs we cannot overlook calves.  EmSculpt NEO has made it easy to reduce the fat below the knees and tone the muscles in that area, thus giving a better definition to your legs.

EmSculpt Body and Butt Sculpting

Among the long list of benefits offered by EmSculpt NEO, it also has the capacity to target very specific areas, like the abdomen, arms, and legs. You may have some extra bit of fat in “hard to reach” areas, even if you have an active lifestyle. EmSculpt NEO successfully treats those areas, effectively reducing fat and growing muscle and giving you the result you had in mind. And even if you do not work out, you can still benefit from the treatment and it offers such a lifting effect that an actual workout could achieve. Imagine the results of exercising without having to spend hours at the gym. Pop culture and social media have made well-shaped backside a viral goal for many; that is one of the reasons the EmSculpt butt lift is so popular.

What Should I Expect After My EmSculpt NEO Treatment?

One of the advantages of EmSculpt NEO is that it does not hold you back from your regular daily activities and does not put any restrictions on them. Yes, there may be some redness on your skin, but it is a matter of an hour, after which the redness will subside. Plus, as with any workout, it is likely you will experience some muscle soreness for 2 – 3 days after the treatment.

What Should I Expect During My EmSculpt NEO Treatment?

The patients mostly have a mild sensation of warming during the procedure. However, most likely once you start feeling the contractions you will be distracted from the feeling of heat.

What Are the Preparation Steps for My EmSculpt NEO Treatment?

It is important to properly hydrate before and after your treatment; this will help you have more enhanced results. Make sure to have your skin cleaned as the applicator is used directly on the skin. Also, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing. Any  piercings or electronic devices in or nearby the treatment area should be removed prior to the treatment in order to avoid any burns.

Can I Combine EmSculpt with TruSculpt?

For extra fat elimination and muscle definition purposes EmSculpt can be paired with truSculpt. Dr. Schwarzburg will develop your ideal treatment plan based on your goals and meant to meet your individual needs.

Does EmSculpt NEO Work on a Darker Skin Color?

Studies have shown that the  patients with Asian, Hispanic, Latino, Caribbean, African and African American skin should be more cautious when it comes to EmSculpt NEO. Make sure to discuss the matter with your physician before undergoing the treatment.

Can I Get EmSculpt NEO with a Tattoo in the Area of Treatment?

Tattoos create micro scarring on the skin. This does not go very well with radiofrequency and EmSculpt NEO does involve radiofrequency. Hence, if you intend to treat the tattooed areas with EmSculpt NEO, be aware that it can cause the skin to blister.

Can I Complement EmSculpt With Other Treatments?

EmSculpt is designed for the enhancement of specific muscle groups, like abdominal, gluteal, hamstrings, and triceps/biceps. Besides that it also eliminates the fat in the area of application. Although, fat elimination is more of a secondary effect. Therefore, a more dedicated modality may be required to actually target the adipose tissue.

CoolSculpting utilizes cryolipolysis and permanently freezing fat cells on almost any part of the body in a non-invasive manner. Kybella is another fat reduction procedure which results in necrosis of adipose cells and excretion through liver and kidneys through injections into the subcutaneous tissues.

A few sessions of EmSculpt will give you a noticeable butt lift, however the maximum effect of the results lasts for only a few months. If you want to go for longer lasting results then Sculptra butt injections are another worthy alternative you could try. It works through gradual volume increase in the butt area without the implication of any side effects or recovery time; hence it is a good alternative to EmSculpt treatment.  Besides, EmSculpt can be combined with CoolTone, which uses electromagnetic technology to release involuntary muscular contractions.

More Details about EmSculpt NEO Treatment

The EmSculpt NEO treatment neither involves any painful activities, nor does it require specific preparation. The only thing that will be required of you is laying back and relaxing while the electromagnetic energy is being released through two panels. The sensation you will experience during the procedure is very close to the sensation you have during a vigorous workout; this means that the device is working as it should. Each of the major treatment areas, namely the abdominal area and the buttocks, require about 30 minutes. The general recommendation is scheduling four sessions 2 to 3 days apart from one another. And yet one can safely take more than four sessions for more vivid results.

The Benefits of Emsculpt NEO:

  • Fat elimination – 30% (average)
  • Muscle growth – 25% (average)
  • Decrease in abdominal separation – 19% (average)
  • Higher efficacy for patients with high BMI, compared to other methods and procedures
  • Successful targeting of more body parts
  • Notable  results

The EmSculpt NEO procedure has been a breakthrough in the field of cosmetic medicine, and Dr. Schwarzburg is among the first to offer it to his patients. The treatment takes less time and fewer sessions, while providing outstanding results.

Does EmSculpt NEO Really Work?

This is a contemporary and advanced technology of fat loss, muscle growth, and skin tightening. All of the three mentioned benefits can be achieved through a single session that takes no longer than 30 minutes. This may seem to be too good to be true, but that is the exact reality EmSculpt NEO offers.

What Is the Difference Between EmSculpt NEO, CoolSculpting and SculpSure? What Is the Best Technology for Fat Elimination?

Each one of the mentioned treatments could be beneficial for you depending on your goals in general. It is good to be aware that there are some minor differences between the treatments when it comes to body fat reduction percentage, treatment duration and targeted areas. The safest and most trustworthy way of finding your best treatment is discussing the matter with a board certified dermatologist and physician, like Dr. Schwarzburg.

Emsculpt NEO at Skin Genity NYC

If you are interested in an EmSculpt NEO treatment, this might be the right platform for you. At Skin Genity, we are glad to offer you highly advanced and effective services of body contouring. Our administering physician Dr. Schwarzburg is a lead specialist in the field, whose professional opinion is widely accepted and sought after by many prestigious publications including Forbes, Haute Living and Guest of a Guest to name but a few. He has had significant investment in the up-to-date and amazingly effective minimally invasive procedures, including EmSculpt NEO.
For more details feel free to contact us and schedule your one on one consultation appointment with Dr. Schwarzburg, our expert and lead specialist in the field of cosmetic dermatology.