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Stuck in the Sun? Here are a Few Skin Care Tips to Help You Pull Through

One of the worst feelings in the summer is when you get caught under the sun and have nowhere to hide. It is something that is bound to happen regardless of where you live. There is nothing wrong with a little sun, in fact it is very good for you as it provides you with plenty of vitamin D. But stay under it for too long and you’ll understand why so many dermatologists recommend finding some shade.

I think many people can agree that escaping the sun can be even harder than the rain. While the rain has its own difficulties you need to deal with, which we talked about extensively in a previous article, the scorching summer. You can always find a little thing to hide under, but the sun always finds a way to creep into your life and give you all kinds of discomfort. So, when it comes to summer living and keeping a healthy mindset a very good place to start is by thinking about our relationship with the sun and how to make the best of it.

Always Prefer the Shade

If you live in a part of the world that rarely gets much sunlight or you have been through a very rough winter, do not let the excitement of seeing some sunlight overwhelm you. The summer has just started and you will be getting plenty of sunlight soon enough. There will be nothing holding you back from getting plenty of rays and even a tan.

However, as a general rule of thumb, always aim for the shade. This does not mean that you should never leave a shady area and avoid the sun like the plague. Instead, be more tactful with your surroundings. Always have a little shady area on standby for you to go back to and sit under if you feel like the sun is too much. It’s great to give your body that summer outdoor air, without giving it excessive sunlight that risks damaging your skin.

Sunscreen is Very Important

We all know that scenario where overly-protective parents put layers and layers of sunscreen on their children. Obviously, too much sunscreen is not going to make things any better, but the parents’ heart is in the right place. And now that you are an adult and most likely don’t have your parents running after you with skin care products, you can avoid sunscreen all you want, right?

As unpleasant as your memories with sunscreen may be, it is still crucial for skin care. You need to keep your skin protected from the sun and one of the best ways of doing this is with sunscreen. It is not always comfortable putting it on, but it does get the job done. And even if the skin gets damaged after you put on the sunscreen you can always get a refresher with a quick microneedling treatment and keep it healthy and strong all throughout the summer.

Find the SPF (sun protective factor) that suits your skin and use just enough sunscreen to protect yourself. Yes, even adults do it and so should you.

Drink Plenty of Water

Even without anyone pointing it out you should already be drinking a lot of water, especially during the summer when you sweat a lot and release plenty of moisture through your pores. It is crucial to get as much moisture onto and into your body as possible.

Keep a water bottle with you at all times when you go to the beach. With the water by your side you will not have to worry about your body getting dehydrated. This way you can give it all the moisture it needs at all times.

We go to the beach for a reason. Sure, some people enjoy those little moments around a fire where everyone sits and tells their stories. Others enjoy tanning and lying under the sun with the waves roaring in the distance. But the main reason people go to the beach is to take a dip in the water. And this is a great way to hydrate yourself as well.

Don’t drink the water, that is not what we are saying. But do take advantage of the water while you are there. Take a dip regularly and splash around as much as you can as it will give you enough hydration for your skin to stay healthy and strong. But don’t forget to drink water as well, since your skin is not going to absorb all the necessary amount of water which you need.

Cleaning, Cleansing, and Detox

Our skins have a bunch of tiny holes on them called “pores”. These are the tunnels through which water and air can be absorbed by the skin. Both of these are required to keep our skin and body physically stable and strong. But these pores are not entirely clean and can get clogged up rather easily, either with oil or sweat. The best way to clean them out is with something deeper than a regular wash.

Cleansing is what comes to mind first. It is a skin care routine that gets rid of the dirt in the deeper layers of your skin, ones that are not reachable through normal skin care habits, such a simple wash. There are a variety of skin cleansing methods, from special masks to creams which go deep into the lower layers of the skin and clean out the pores. In fact, cleansing is so important that you should be doing it regularly regardless of what season, even after you received cosmetic treatments like Botox injections (though not immediately afterwards. Give your skin enough time to recover).

Regardless of which one you use, what chemicals, slaves, or other compounds are involved, if it is capable of cleaning out your pores then it is definitely worth doing on a regular basis. It is recommended that you consult a dermatologist before choosing what kind of cleansing or detox routine to take. They will tell you the exact kind of cleansing that you will need or that fits your skin the most. This way you will not cause unnecessary damage to your body by using a cleansing method that does not go well with your skin.

While these tips do seem a bit self-explanatory, they are the absolute fundamentals of summer skin care. You will need to have these implemented into your routine in some way, as they will ensure that your summer goes by smoothly and without any unwanted burns and rashes.

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