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Skin Care for a Rainy Day

Skin Care for a Rainy Day

With spring on its way, we need to change up the way we handle our skin and body care. In fact, it’s widely recommended to adapt your routine and habits to the changing seasons. Keeping a few healthy ones consistently going is good, but you also need to change things up once in a while.

There’s no better time than in the spring, with all the blooming life and a bit of extra sun making its way to our skin. While we’re always happy to help our patients with treatments like Botox or Juvederm, some stuff you have to do yourself. Let’s look at a few important things to do in the beginning of spring and what habits you should be bringing into your repertoire.

The Last Bit of Cold

Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean winter is over. If you live in colder areas of the world, you know the pain of going to sleep on a relatively warm night, only to wake up to a snowy morning.

Don’t be fooled by the few rays of sunshine that are piercing through the clouds. There is still cold weather on the way and at any point throughout March, you can expect the temperature to change drastically. So, why is this a problem?

Exposing yourself to chilly weather without warm clothing could do a lot more than give you a cold for a couple days. Cold temperatures have an effect on our bodies, especially the skin, as it’s the first line of contact. Have too much skin exposed to the cold and you risk drying it up. Believe it or not, but cold air can be much drier than warm.

Before you know it, all the moisture in your skin dissipates and now it’s all cracked and flaky. It’s better to avoid this entirely and just play it safe. Sure, the sun is really alluring and wants you to get into the spirit of the summer, but you need to be patient. Don’t risk it. Wear warmer clothing until you can feel the temperature is warm enough for you to expose skin without damaging it.

Out With the Old

During the winter, you build up a lot of dead skin cells, whether through the cold, the lack of sun or all those layers you wear throughout the day. With summer and warmer weather on the way, you can expect to be wearing far less clothing. And there’s no easier way to ruin the perfect summer mood than with flaky, old, damaged skin.

The answer is simple: exfoliate. Going back to the idea of spring being the season of new life and beginnings, there’s no better time to do it than now. You can exfoliate with all kinds of skin care products and techniques. Even simply brushing or cleaning your skin with lukewarm water could do the job to some extent.

Our skin naturally repairs and rebuilds itself, so all you need to do is give it that little nudge. For something a little more specialized and with a farther reach, try exfoliators and moisturizers.

For the real heavy-duty work, you may need to visit a professional. Spas have a lot of techniques for exfoliation. So many in fact, that there are two categories of treatments: mechanical and chemical. Chemical speaks for itself, as it’s just treatments that involve a special compound which gets rid of old, damaged skin cells, allowing the new ones to come out.

Mechanical exfoliation treatments are a bit different. You can get anything from body scrubs that use numerous kinds of ingredients and creams, to special diamond tip exfoliation tools, which can get rid of old skin cells, as well as clean out the skin pores of any gunk.

You have a lot more to choose from. It’s just about finding the time once in a while and taking into consideration the qualities of your skin.

Mind the Rain

If you live in the countryside or somewhere that’s not a big city like NYC, you’re in luck. The rain there is much cleaner than what most big city dwellers have to deal with.

Think about all the pollution and gunk that goes up into the air. Now think about how all of it comes down in the form of rain droplets. It’s not dangerous (in some cases it can be), but stay under the rain too many times without properly covering yourself and your skin isn’t going to be in good shape.

Again, this isn’t meant to make you panic and avoid rain like it’s molten lava, but rather a small reminder to be more mindful of it. It won’t hurt you, but it can cause damage in the long run. And even if it doesn’t harm you: do you still want rainwater drying up on your skin, with all those dirty, nasty particles in it? Probably not.

So, to avoid any extra complications in the future and the need for more visits to cosmetic clinics or spas, try to stay out of the rain if you live in big cities like NYC. Until we solve the problem of pollution in the air, we need to be wary of rainwater and how it can affect our skin. It won’t harm you on the spot, it’s not going to hurt, but you never know what’s lurking inside those droplets.

Make the Best of What There Is

Life’s generally about taking small benefits and stretching them out until we get our fill. Do that with the spring.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are on their way; eat as much organic, fresh produce as you can. Try to get what little sun there is for some extra vitamin D. As life starts anew, you also have the perfect opportunity to do the same.

Try starting a new hobby or a healthy habit and sticking to it. Make some improvements in how you look after your body and mental health. Make the best of what there is and get rewarded with a strong, healthy, and energetic body all year round.

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